Travelling to New Zealand – the best experience we have ever lived

Marta y Diego primer día viaje por Nueva Zelanda en furgoneta

Travelling to New Zealand has been the best experience we  have ever lived

Hi! Diego and Marta here! Less than a year ago we travelled to New Zealand and and embarked on, what undoubtedly, has been the most beautiful experience we  have ever lived.

We were clear that it was going to be our destination, so in a travel blog called «Mochileando por el Mundo« that we´ve been following for a long time, we saw that they had studied at the World Wide School of English (WWSE) located in Auckland. Their references were good so we got in touch with  A+CAPEC and we handled everything with them. We don’t regret it because Sally was very great and helped us a lot.

Estudiante Marta en un parque nacional de Nueva Zelanda

We arrived in Auckland in September and the city welcomed us with a rainy and cold weekend. The weather was the most negative thing for us as we are not accustomed to that climate. It rains a lot, although not constantly, in fact you can live the four seasons in one day. Actually, the best months were from January to March, which wasn’t an impediment to enjoy one of the most beautiful countries.

During the first month we stayed in City Lodge in a double room with a bathroom included and a shared kitchen. This is perfect for meeting and interacting with more people. The rest of the months we were in a shared apartment in the main street. The rentals in Auckland are quite expensive but at least we were fortunate to have great roommates with whom we also were able to improve our level of English.
On the other hand, the place where we spent more time was at our language school (World Wide School of English (WWSE), the truth is that we were very well, we learned a lot and one of the things that we liked most were the after-class  activities (soccer, rugby, yoga and pub nights) that helps you  get to  know to other students in a fun way.

In fact, at World Wide School of English we met a lot of people who became special for us that we won’t probably see again but who will be unforgettable for us. We used to travelled many weekends with them to places of the North Island which are really a marvel, I recommend to go there as far as you can because there are hundreds of gorgeous places.

One of the most original experiences we lived was doing Housesitting in Wellington, the capital city, where we spent the End of the Year. It way it works is easy, the owners lend you their house and in exchange you take care of it, as well as the pets, the garden etc. We stayed for 9 days in a wonderful house with spectacular views looking after ‘Alfie’, an adorable kitten. There are many web pages where you can find houses, we registered in Kiwi House Sitters, we paid $NZ6 for 1 year. Totally recommendable!

Parque nacional Nueva Zelanda

Finally, after 6 months stuyding English we had one more month to travel and to get to know the South Island, this time in summer. So, we rented a van and travelled from north to south. It was simply spectacular. Every road, every mountain, every cliff, every beach, every river leaves you speechless and forces you to keep your eyes wide open wishing you’ll never forget those places.

For this and many other things, we recommend 100%  to venture to New Zealand because it’s without a doubt a country that doesn’t leave you indifferent!

Marta & Diego