Melbourne, the almost perfect city!

Melbourne: the almost perfect city!

Travelling to a far away country to study a new language has been one of the favourite experiences of my life. Since I started my university studies I always wanted to do it, but only when I finished the presential part of my master, I was given the unforgettable experience of travelling to Melbourne to live there for six months.

In Melbourne I found:

  • A developed city that preserves the beautiful green of nature.  Its landscapes are to frame, one of my favourite places is the Royal Botanical Gardens, ¡majestic!.
  • As many options of cafés and restaurants as you want.
  • Glamorous fashion shops
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas
  • Racetracks
  • Great public transport

You can visit all the city (the center has a free tram zone) using the different means of public transport as all the city is connected.

It’s a city that offers attractions for all kind of tastes, you can enjoy it in summer or winter, it has a little of everything and the best of all is the Melbournian’s warmth, education and helpfulness.

The moments I lived in that city, which I call “the perfect city”, are memorable, this city offers the best way to study. Studying and enjoying at the same time is great, learn new things each day, know different cultures because there are people from all over the world.

All this make it a unique experience that I would be willing to repeat. Sincerely I recommend the experience of travelling to everybody, and do it provided with the necessary information to avoid any inconvenience; In my case, fortunately I didn’t suffer a mishaps; I received a great couselling and support from the travel preparations, my stay right until the end of the trip from A+CAPEC; despite being so far away I felt accompanied, I knew if I had any problems I could count on the agency to solve them quickly. A+CAPEC was always present throughout this enriching adventure.

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