17 things you can’t miss in New Zealand!

Hobbiton Hamilton New Zealand

Today we bring you the 17 things you can’t miss when you travel to New Zealand

If you want to be impressed by one of the most stunning landscapes of nature and you´re an an intrepid adventurer wishing to explore to the most hidden place on the planet, you can not miss visiting New Zealand.

With only 4 million inhabitants, the country is divided in the North Island with great volcanic activity and the South Island that impresses because of  its extensive and green valleys, where films like «Lord of the Rings» and «The Hobbit» were shot.

Here are the places you shouldn’t miss in New Zealand


Located in the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is the largest and most populous city in the country with a population of 1,5 million.

Don´t miss:

– Its vibrant nightlife,  bars, shops and cultural attractions

– Visit the Auckland Museum
–  Practice one of the many water and land activities in its stunning natural landscapes.
–  Taste the delicious cuisine at exclusive restaurants such as  Plume Restaurant
– Spend a nice shopping day in  Chancery and High Street,  in the malls  or in one of its many street markets.
– Contemplate the amazing scenary and the  animal life , both water and land animal.
– Visit the  New Zealand maritime museum


Wellington is New Zealand´s capital city and it´s located at the south-wetern tip of the North Island.  es la capital de Nueva Zelanda y está situada en el extremo sur de la Isla del Norte. The city offers the charm of a cosmopolitan lifestyle surrounded by green hills and wide natural spaces.

Here are some of our suggestions:

– Visit Te Papa museum (“our place” in maori language) whose exhibitions show New Zealand´s culture and history.

– If you´re a fan of “The Lord of the Rings”, you can´t miss  the Weta Cave ,an excellent starting point to visit the Middle Earth.
– Taste the delicious gastronomy in some of its bars y restaurants
Lie on  Oriental Bay or Scorching Bay, some of the best beaches in the city, while enjoying a refreshing ice cream.
– Ride in the Cable Car, one of the most popular attractions in Wellington.

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand with a population of  nearly 400,000 people. Its large number of parks and gardens have led it to the nickname of  “The city garden”.

If you choose to travel to this city, don´t forget to visit these places:

– Walk around Hagley Park and the  Botanical Gardens
– Go shopping to  Re: Start, one of the most famous shopping malls.
– Contemplate the amazing Christchurch Cathedral  with a tower of  63 meters, which is situated in the city center.
– Enjoy a weekend walking around some of its most famous street markets such as Christchurch Farmer´s Market or Akaroa Farmer´s Market.

– Visit  the Canterbury Museum.

– Practice some sport going on a tour y bike around the city.