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As Australia and New Zealand study and internship program specialists,  we’ve been helping people to start their Australian and New Zealand study and work adventures since 2007.  With 9 years experience and offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Brisbane, our track record, course offerings, professional accreditations are our guarantees

We want to keep on giving great advice on destinations, which city is the best for your study plans according to your ideas, objectives and budget; giving useful information, recommendations and opinions of those who have already lived the experience and know the destinations first hand

You’ll find all the information you need to get your adventure in Australia and New Zealand started in our blog!


You’ll find testimonials, useful information to help you prepare, you can also find opinions of those who are living the experience or have already lived their Australia and Nueva Zelanda experience.

Our collaborators are members of the A+CAPEC team and also many of our adventurers, because we know that what most counts for those who are contemplating living the experience is the opinion of those who are living the experience or have recently lived the experience.

Each week, we’ll bring news and tips on the aspects of life in Australia and New Zealand that are of most interest:

Tips to find work, important information for the Work and Holiday Visa and those who want to undertake an internship program,where to find cheap eats, low cost accommodation. We’ll explain what is ‘woofing’, share student experiences, from those who are studying a bachelor degree or master to those who are studying at high school. Find out what it’s like to work as a demi pair, be an exchange student or travel with the entire family. We won’t forget the importan topics of money and budget or how to settle in.  We’ll explain how to get your taxes reimbursed and even how to survive the Melbourne winter!!

There will also be posts in English,  for those who want to get a head start on their English before starting their Australia and New Zealand adventure.

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