An MBA student’s experiences in Brisbane Australia

View of the Brisbane river taken by Carlos MBA Student at QUT

Discover the experiences of an international MBA student in Brisbane.  Carlos writes from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) library about his life as an international MBA student

Carlos, an MBA student in Brisbane tell us about his experiences in Australia

From the QUT libraryLate July, austral winter, I´m writing these words from the QUT library in Brisbane, where I arrived after a 20 minute bike ride along the river, at 25 degrees. It may seem I want to make myself interesting, but that´s my daily routine to get to university. No trick, no cheating… The photo of Brisbane river from the bridge is mine, sorry for not being in it, but the important thing in the picture wasn´t me.

In my case, it´s an MBA, but it could have been any other program.  The experience of studying in this country and specifically in the State of Queensland has nothing to do with what I had known so far.  To start with, the universities are completely focused on the student.  You can enjoy your days at university while you´re studying; indeed, everything is enjoyable here, even the journey to university and back home.

I´ve tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who, like me, might be reading this hoping  someone gives you the final push that makes you decide to take the plunge. All I can say is that if you´re reading this is because you´ve already made the decision.  If you have the means, if you can sort out the dates, you won´t find anybody who tells you that the opportunity of studying in Australia isn´t worthwhile. And to top it all off,  A+CAPEC advised me on the best program for me, helped me with all the paperwork, and opened me a bank account and provided me with an Australian  phone card and six months later they´re still there, from Australia and Spain, to help me with any problem or doubt that has arisen. All I can say is that I´m very grateful.

There´s another world out there.  I´ve been lucky enough to travel, so that´s why I know it. I´ve always been aware that there´s another way to do things, and Australia never ceases to amaze me and how easy is to enjoy life here, even if you have to study or work– by the way, I´m not working, although I´m thinking of working the 20 hours per week that my visa student gives me the right to.

It´s funny to hear a Spanish person talking about having fun but, seriously, after spending a few weeks here you will know why I´m saying this (note: you can write the “ñ” in the English keyboard by typing Alt+164, so that can´t be an impediment to come).

By the way, Brisbane doesn´t have a beach, but Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (check them out) are an hour away. And for the ones who like being “off the beaten track”, there are many other options that will take your breath away, as it happened to me the first time I saw the kangaroos at dawn or a thousand of tiny newborn turtles (loggerheads) crawling to the sea on the sand of a beach which, the luckiest ones, won´t step on that beach again within 30 years.

What are you waiting for?

Carlos Garrido
Queensland University of Technology