Ready for an adventure? Get AUD$5,000* to study, work and live in regional Western Australian (WA)

TAFE Western Australia - TIWA

Your adventure awaits! Enjoy long stretches of perfect coastline in the mid west, forests and mountains in the south west, or tropical deserts and sandy beaches in the north. The WA Regional TAFE International Student Bursary 2023–2024 gives international students a unique experience of life in beautiful regions of WA, while receiving high quality education and training.

Bursary details

Enrol in an eligible study package* at a WA regional TAFE college to receive:

  • AUD$5,000 bursary;
  • support to find work and a place to stay in the area;
  • access to potential migration pathways to extend your stay in Australia; and
  • a genuine Australian life experience!

International students can get AUD$5,000* to study at TAFE, work and live in regional Western Australian (WA). 👉👉 Contact us for more information on eligibility details and to apply