Meet our shining star, Diego Rojas!

Diego Rojas, our outstanding international student at Meridan State College on the Sunshine Coast, is on an unstoppable journey to success! Not only is he a top performer at our school, but he’s also earned the title of the top student in the entire year 12 cohort. 🏆 And guess what? Last week, Diego added another feather to his cap by clinching victory in the Lions Club Public Speaking competition! 🎤✨

Diego’s achievements are simply incredible, and we couldn’t be prouder of him! 🎉 His dedication, talent, and hard work continue to inspire us all. Take a look at the photo attached to see the moment of his well-deserved triumph. 📸 Keep shining, Diego – you’re absolutely amazing! 👏 #DiegoRojas #MeridanStateCollege #SuccessStory #Inspiration