UNSW Scientia Scholarship

Minimum Value

$10,000 available for Duration of program (minimum)

No residency requirements


For commencement Term 1 2023

The Scientia Scholars program offers a flexible and rewarding opportunity for students who enter UNSW under this prestigious scholarship. Additional benefits of the Scholarship include:

  • Academic Mentors who are appointed to each Scientia scholar to provide advice and to support their academic progress.
  • Invitations to a range of special events over the course of their studies such as Scientia Scholars Welcome, research seminars.
  • Some Scientia Scholars are invited to be Student Ambassadors, who represent their Faculty at various events including Open Day, Information Day, School Visits and Parent and Student Evenings.
  • Scientia Scholars are encouraged to apply to their Faculty to be considered for research assistant positions.

A student who accepts a UNSW Co-op Program Scholarship and is eligible for a Scientia Scholarship may accept both. However, they will receive a $5,000 once-off Scientia bonus payment in first year only. These students will remain eligible for all the other non-monetary benefits of the Scientia Scholarship.

The Scientia Scholarship may be deferred, if the offer of admission is officially deferred and no other tertiary education is undertaken in the meantime.

The Scientia scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with an Academic Achievement Award (AAA).

Payment of the scholarship is made on the condition that students are enrolled full-time in an eligible undergraduate degree program at UNSW, as at Census date in the year of award.

*Raw ATAR excluding adjustment factor points.