KBS High Achievers Scholarship

The 2024 High Achievers Scholarship will provide a reduced tuition fee for the relevant Kaplan Business School undergraduate or postgraduate degree to any student that meets the eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the High Achievers Scholarship, you must:

  1. Demonstrate exceptional academic success in a related field of study. For details refer to www.kbs.edu.au/scholarships.
  2. Not be a recipient of any other Kaplan Business School scholarship, award or promotion. In our genuine ambition to help individuals around the world reach their educational and career goals, Kaplan Business School is offering a limited number of High Achievers Scholarships to students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit.
  3. Have met Kaplan Business School’s English language proficiency requirements for the course offered or will have met these requirements prior to commencing study with Kaplan Business School.