KBS Alumni Scholarship


– Previously completed courses from any Kaplan educational provider should have had a minimum duration of 4 months.
Evidence of the completed course needs to be supplied.
– Scholarships are only awarded to former full-time students.
– This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship or promotion offered by Kaplan Business School.
– The scholarship will be applied pro rata to course fees and is only available to students accessing our 2022 pricing.
– Kaplan Business School reserves the right to offer scholarships and accept returning alumni applications at its sole discretion.
– The course fees listed are 2022 tuition fees only and may be subject to change. Additional fees and charges may be
payable such as overseas health insurance (where applicable) and other administrative fees and charges. For more information, visit www.kbs.edu.au/fees.
– Student can apply for other eligible scholarships, but only if the scholarship is higher than 30%. Scholarships cannot
be combined.
– This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion without prior approval.
– Eligible for students undertaking any studies with Kaplan Business School, including; non-award study, diploma,
graduate certificate, graduate diploma, bachelor and master courses.
– Scholarships are not available for future courses within an existing packaged offer.