Holmesglen International Learner Scholarship

Selection is based on applicants’ academic transcripts, faculty references, study goals and other relevant personal achievements.

Terms and conditions

International Student Scholarships are available for continuing international students undertaking Holmesglen

The value of the scholarship will be credited to your tuition fees as you undertake further study at Holmesglen.Selection is based on meeting the scholarship’s eligibility requirements and selection criteria.
Scholarship Value
Each year several International Learner Scholarships are available, each carrying a value of $1,000. Applications will open twice a year as per below:

  • Round 1 – Applications open 9.00am 1 April and will close at 11.59pm 30 April.
  • Round 2 – Applications open 9.00am 1 October and will close at 11.59pm 31 October.
To be considered for this scholarship, you must

  • be a full fee-paying international student
  • have completed at least two full semester of study at Holmesglen
  • have at least six months of further study to complete at Holmesglen
  • except for the Peter Grundy scholarship, not received another Holmesglen or government scholarship.
Selection criteria
You must demonstrate how you have contributed to the Holmesglen community, achieved academic excellence and enhanced your leadership skills through academic transcripts, references, study goals, and other relevant personal achievements.